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Calling Courageous Leaders!

Welcome. I'm Lexi Reese.

The world needs Courageous Leaders more than ever.


This is a site dedicated to helping others who want to be courageous leaders, to cultivate courageous leadership at scale and to build legendary organizations. If I can help by speaking to your organization or advising you and your team, just reach out.


We need to participate actively in strengthening our nation’s democracy. Rewiring the United States Congress is essential to doing that. We need new voices devoted to delivering outstanding citizen experiences in a more sustainable way. If you are running for office and believe you are a leader with the values, motivation and role-related fit to serve our nation more effectively, I hope you will apply to receive support from the COURAGEOUS LEADERS fund and look at our open sourced policy platform for better empowering people, planet, and democracy.


I also believe that every organization, led well, contributes to strengthening society. If you want to architect high performance teams and organizations, here is a model for how to design, develop and implement phenomenal leadership at scale.


Great leadership is about what you say and what you do and having those two things line up in a way that makes others feel energized and empowered. Subscribe to my weekly newsletter to stay engaged on leadership issues, especially those related to politics, technology, and capital. I hope the subscription helps you decide how you will lead, positively and actively, in your corner of the world.

Congress Needs New, Courageous Leaders

Are you a courageous leader running for the 119th US Congress?
Apply here to join our CL24 batch and receive funding and operating support!

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Lexi helps organizations across the private, public, and non-profit sectors build outstanding customer and employee experiences to achieve remarkable and durable success.


To engage Lexi with a question, as an advisor or speaker – get in touch here.

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