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Congress Needs New, Courageous Leaders


Our legislative branch is failing and their dysfunction presents an existential crisis.

We’re going to have to work together and lead by example. Will you join me?


We know it is failing because approval writings by citizen are at historic lows, the debt (which Congress owns)  is at historic levels, and peer reviews of Congress are terrible.  Tim Wu, the “architect” of the Biden Administration’s competition and antitrust policies, said in The Atlantic “I came into this job a little cynical about Congress—I am now ten times more cynical. It’s a shameful institution in terms of their representation of the American public. There are so many things that the American people want that Congress will not give them, and they’re supposed to be a democratically accountable body.”  He was talking about child privacy on the Internet!


We also know that, going forward, the challenges we face are only going to get more existential. Climate, guns, and income inequality have all reached a tipping point. There’s a new assault on our bodies – by bullets and anti-reproductive freedom extremists. The rising costs of living, crime, and homelessness need to be addressed, and be addressed now. All while the march of AI grows from a point on a distant horizon to the reality right in front of our eyes.


If this were any other Business failing customers, shareholders and peers / employees in this way, it would be disrupted.


It’s time we disrupt Congress.


We will do that by empowering a new generation of leaders to run and win for these seats.


The question with respect to whom we elect in the House and Senate is: are we going to define our future, or are we going to let it define us. If we are going to control our own destiny, it won’t be done by the same old Washington think by the same old Washington players. It begins with leadership that will get out ahead of problems, that has new ideas and fresh perspectives. It will require leadership that reflects the urgency of our times and the hunger of our people to get things done.


If you believe there is no tradeoff between growth of our nation and health of our families and planet. If you have experience getting big things done at scale. If you can show you know how to navigate differences with others to produce stellar outcomes, please apply! We’d love to support you.



Congress Needs New, Courageous Leaders

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