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Join the Movement to Make Washington Work


We’re going to have to work together. Will you join me?

Hi friends!


I have big plans for this beautiful state. I see a future where hard work actually pays off — especially for women, LGBTQIA people, immigrants, and people of color. I see stronger communities. I see an end to senseless gun violence. And I see a government that actually serves the people and the planet. But to make a real difference, it’s going to take teamwork.


I need your help to build a California dream that works for all of us. Whether you can give money, time, or enthusiasm, it’s all essential to helping us reach our goals.


This is not a one-woman mission. This is a collective effort, by and for the people of California. Let’s make waves.


– Lexi

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Our team values

  • Community

    Build a community based on deep trust and psychological safety.

    We aim to build a team that represents and includes all voices across race, gender, and its intersections. Black and LatinX voices have historically been left out of decision-making positions in all sectors.  We want to change this. And we want all people to feel welcome, safe, celebrated and championed.

  • Curiosity

    Be curious.

    Expertise is great, but the world is changing and we’re doing something that hasn’t been done before, so we have to be open to trying new things, failing fast, learning and getting better.

  • Commitment

    Be committed to driving results with high standards

    and deep care for those around you. Every minute counts. We can only do this if we are in sync. Strive to be like an incredible band — we each may play different instruments, but together we can make incredible, memorable music.

  • Clarity

    Practice radical candor

    in the spirit of being thoughtful but direct in all that you do. Say what you mean. Don’t wait to offer feedback. Ask for more information when it’s needed. Don’t let tension simmer long. We are all one team and we need to be direct, clear, and honest to move both fast and in a way we are proud of.