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Lexi Reese releases plan to make AI work for all of us

Reese: “We need technology expertise in government if we’re going to meet the issues facing America.”

San Francisco, CA (November 9, 2023) – US Senate candidate, Lexi Reese, released her multi-pronged plan to ensure AI works for all Americans. If elected Reese would be the only member of the US Senate with a background in technology. 


“From AI to social media to climate and health care and more, technology will be at the center of the issues and policy decisions that will define the next 50 years of American life,” said Reese. “Which is why it’s alarming that there are no members of the United States Senate that have a deep background in technology.” 


Reese’s plan to ensure AI works for all Americans has four major pillars: 


  • Drive accountability for data privacy, security and fairness. Reese’s plan would ensure data security and address systemic bias in the data sets from which machine learning draws from. It also would ensure the public is able to verify authentic content from AI generated content. 
  • Future-proof our job market. Highlighted by a Human Capital Tax credit, Reese’s plan introduces a number of measures to protect jobs and ensure all Americans and businesses have access to AI and technology training. 
  • Protect creators and truth. Reese’s plan says all AI-generated content has an inter-operable label letting viewers know it is AI-generated and ensures companies get the consent of creators to feed their copyrighted material into the company’s algorithm.
  • Reimagine staffing the government with AI and tech professionals to seize the promise of AI and tackle its challenges. Reese’s plan proposes ensuring the government is ready to address and regulate AI with staff who understands its implications. 


Reese’s full plan is available here


“Time and again, Washington failed to get out ahead of emerging technology,” continued Reese. “As a result, technology has run unbridled, too often creating deep harm to society rather than delivering on its overwhelming promise. We can’t let that happen with AI, and we can’t get out ahead of AI without the right kind of expertise in Washington.” 


A non-profit and business leader, Reese helped build and grow major technology platforms including Gusto and Google. In those roles she’s helped create tens of thousands of good jobs for Californians and supported thousands of small businesses, especially those run by women and people of color. 


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