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Lexi Reese reprimands Congress for failing to protect kids against gun violence

Redwood City, CA (September 8, 2023) — Lexi spoke at the March for Our Lives rally at East Los Angeles College, Monterey Park and reprimanded Congress for failing to enact stronger laws against gun violence.


Lexi unveiled her six-point plan that brings to bear her background as an innovator and business leader, focused on new ideas, to make real change against gun violence:


  1. ECONOMIC: Know the major players who manufacture and sell guns, know their investors, be present and vocal on earnings calls, boycott working at these companies.
  2. TECH: Guns should be made “smart” like a cell phone with biometrics, geo-fencing, data tracking and collection, and admin rights that include shut-down function around schools and civic gatherings unless you have special permissioning.
  3. MEDICAL: Study gun violence under the Center for Disease control as a national epidemic and return to the Senate – on a timeline no greater than one year – a plan to reduce gun violence deaths of kids and teens to 0.
  4. LEGAL: Modify the Consumer Product Safety Act regulation to include firearms immediately and make it legal for consumers to pursue legal action against the owners, leaders, and Directors of any company in the supply chain of a gun used to kill people. Sentencing of life in prison for those found guilty of selling a product that took lives.
  5. PROCEDURAL: Buying a gun should be like buying a car: Insist on mandatory background checks, universal age limit and licensing parameters that have written, practical use exam and licensing for owners. This training should include recurring education to renew permits, with a graduated licensing process for people with admin rights. Absolutely no guns for domestic abusers (lots of laws on the books, but they need to be regulated).