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Reese Calls For Permanently Funding Childcare

Redwood City, CA (October 18, 2023) — Just days after the federal “childcare cliff” expired and parents are faced with the consequences of the end of stabilized child care, U.S. Senate candidate, Lexi Reese, today called to permanently fund the program. Reese firmly stands to translate renewed financial support to serve mothers, fathers and children across the nation, including California. Lexi recently met with the owners of My Dream Home Daycare in San Mateo, California to learn about the detrimental impact the expired grants will have on children and the future of their business.


It’s unacceptable that our representatives in Congress let this program delivering relief to millions of families expire overnight without a fight,” said Reese. “As a working mom, I know how much childcare means. It’s why I’ve spent so much of my career in nonprofits and business working to help create economic opportunities for women, people of color and families. And that’s exactly what I’ll do in the Senate.”


Reese has highlighted the failure of Congress to get out ahead of critical issues such as stabilized childcare costs, contraceptive care, regulating AI, climate change, gun violence, income inequality and much more.


If we are going to control our own destiny, it won’t be done by the same old Washington think by the same old Washington players,” Reese added. “It begins with leadership that will get out ahead of problems, that has new ideas and fresh perspectives. The perspective of someone who grew up in a working class family, who is a working mom, and whose experience is that of a business leader and innovator. It will require leadership that reflects the urgency of our times and the hunger of our people to get things done.”