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Reese calls for term limits on all members of Congress

Redwood City, CA (September 13, 2023) — U.S. Senate candidate, Lexi Reese, today, called for term-limits on all members of Congress. Citing the need for fresh leadership from diverse backgrounds with new perspectives, Reese is proposing 2-term limits for U.S. Senators (12 yrs) and 6-term limits for U.S. Representatives (12 yrs).


“40 million Californians aren’t well served by politicians who stay in their roles for decades. We need new leaders with fresh perspectives to focus on navigating an increasingly complex and changing world,” said the non-profit and business leader, Reese. “From the rising cost of living, to climate change, to AI, the challenges we face are existential and require skill sets and experiences that better reflect all Californians and the country. Only when we have leadership with the talent and backgrounds necessary to deal with these issues will we achieve measurable, positive outcomes and rebuild trust in our political system.”


Reese noted term limits would help reduce the power of special interests and make members of Congress less dependent on fundraising. “By removing the possibility of endless re-election cycles, we free our leaders from spending the majority of their time fundraising and their dependence on special interests to fund their re-election campaigns. And we allow them to do what the job requires: serving constituents and delivering results people desperately need.”


Reese, a working mom and first-time candidate, also noted that limiting the tenure of elected officials would open the door for younger, more representative candidates.


Reese pledged to voluntarily abide by her proposal in the absence of enacting legislation, and called on her opponents to do the same. “I was thrilled to hear all the candidates tell the young students and East LA community at the March for Our Lives town hall last week that they too wanted the audience to run for political office, including the Senate. But, to make good on that, we need these seats to be open more regularly and we need to lower the cost to enter and stay. If we don’t, we will never see a Senate that truly represents all of us and that representation is imperative to make progress on the things Californians care about.”


Her term-limit pledge is part of a series of systemic reforms that also includes comprehensive campaign finance reform and term limits for Supreme Court justices, which Reese has proposed in this campaign to reshape the balance of American politics in ways that better reflect the diversity of America and better serve its people.